Give your database superpowers

Supabase adds realtime and RESTful APIs to PostgreSQL - giving the best developer experience, on top of the world's best database


A better way to build products

Supabase helps you build faster, so you can focus on your core products.

  • Realtime

    Stop polling your database. Let us push CREATES, UPDATES, and DELETES directly into your application. Subscribe to Schema, Table, Row, or even Filter level updates.

  • Instant

    Supabase introspects your database and generates your API complete with documentation on how to interact with it. All in a matter of an instant.

  • Global

    Deployed close to your users, lightening fast out of the box, enable rate-limiting and cacheing on demand. As easy as flicking a switch.

  • Fully Supported

    We offer Enterprise Level Support and all of our code is completely Open Source, get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

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